Cockshutt Church Clock

The church clock at Cockshutt is unique and very interesting.

It is mentioned in ‘Shropshire Clock and Watchmakers’ by Douglas Elliott.  A brass plate on the movement informs us that the clock was made in 1789 by Bullock and Davies and was the gift of Mr. Roger Jones of London.  Richard Bullock was one of twins born in Ellesmere in 1719 to Edmund and Sarah Bullock.  Edmund was a well-established clockmaker who also made the sundial that stands in Ellesmere Churchyard.  Richard was also a very fine clockmaker who can be found illustrated in ‘Brass Dial Clocks’ by Brian Loomes.  He maintained the clock at Ellesmere Church until his death in 1797 aged 78.  The other maker of this clock, Edward Davies, was Richard’s apprentice who married Mary Bullock, the boss’s daughter.  They seem to have been working in partnership when this clock was made.

Edward Davies died aged just 44 in 1798 within a year of his master, Richard Bullock.  Sadly, we don’t know anything about the benefactor, Roger Jones of London.  The dial on the outside of tower was either repaired or remade by another local clockmaker, Ebenezer Fisher, whose workshop is now Pete’s Café in Cross St., Ellesmere.

Christopher Jobson

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