Prayers for Lent

A Reflection on The Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:1-18)

Our Father in heaven, please help us.
We, your children, learn slowly.
So often we say nothing when your name is mis-used.
Often our lives do not reflect your ways,
Mostly we do what we want on earth,
And this can make Heaven unimaginable.
We expect so much more than we actually need each day.
Sometimes we think we don’t need forgiveness,
Sometimes we think we are unforgivable,
And we forget that other people make these same errors of thinking.
When it comes to temptation, we find our own ways,
We are confused about what is and is not evil,
We are confused about deliverance,
We are confused …
And here is the wonder, the grace and the mystery,
That you know us completely,
Our failings, our secrets,
And still love us forever and ever,


By Daphne Kitching

A Prayer for Lent

Dear Father in Heaven

In this month, when Lent begins, we remember Jesus’ experience in the wilderness.  The world today can seem like a wilderness.  So many difficult, incomprehensible things going on.  It is tempting to turn away in horror or denial, tempting to look out for ourselves, tempting to take the easy path, to pay attention to whatever the culture dangles before our eyes.

Lord, please help us. We need your word to guide us.  We need your Holy Spirit to fill and strengthen us. Help us to give our attention and our worship only to you.

Lead us not into temptation.  But deliver us from evil.

Thank you, Father, for Jesus, who by his death and resurrection, opens the way to you. Help us to renew our trust in him and through him, to walk with you every day.

In His name,


By Daphne Kitching

Jan Steen – Prayer before a Meal (WikiCommons, PD)

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