Lindisfarne – “The thin line between Heaven and Earth”

Our recent reflections on the Feast Day of St. Cuthbert brought back some wonderful memories of the many trips we make to Lindisfarne.  For us, it is a place we are drawn to, a place of great joy and peace, somewhere we can quietly reflect on our own relationship with God.  

Wandering through the Priory ruins, walking along the coastline, crossing the tidal causeway or being amazed by the “big skies”, Cuthbert’s quiet ways and teachings never seem far away.

We hope you enjoy these pictures which have been taken over many years. 

Always keep God’s peace and love among you …
Live in mutual goodwill also with Christ’s other servants.
Never think you are superior to other people who do not share your faith and way of life.

St. Cuthbert, Monk and Bishop of Lindisfarne

Do you have somewhere that impacts on your faith? If so, we would love to hear from you!


Here are a few of the photographs we have taken on our trips to Lindisfarne. (Click an image to view it in a larger size)

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