To All Flower Arrangers

To All Flower Arrangers

Royston Allen, the composer of this poem, once said,

The speaker at church this morning was good and one of the quotes she used was, “Keep on spreading the Gospel on each occasion, and if necessary, use words”.
I smiled and said, “Lord, how are you speaking to me this morning without using words? “ …. The answer was the poem shown below.

Then I heard the flowers speaking to me
in them the Glory of God I could see.
They had all been set out with loving care
by the person who had arranged them there.

I saw the beauty of each lovely bloom
as their colour and fragrance filled the room.
So I praised God for His great creation
and His wonderful love and salvation.

Our God is the Creator of all things
and into our lives fragrant beauty brings.
For as each flower opened and unfurled
it told of His wondrous love for our world.

Praise Him for the joy He gives you and me.
Praise Him for eyes that are able to see
Praise Him for the splendour of each flower
Praise Him for His love and mighty power

Royston Allen

Feature image shows a flower arrangement on the Font at Welshampton Church, Easter 2023.
Image copyright Meres and Meadows Messenger.

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