The Joyce Tomb in Cockshutt Churchyard

One of the Treasures of Our Benefice One of the chest tombs near the door of Cockshutt Church has a brass longcase clock dial set into the ledger stone.  The grave is that of John Joyce whose ancestors had lived in this locality for centuries.  One of those ancestors, another John Joyce, took over the … Continue reading The Joyce Tomb in Cockshutt Churchyard

Bartlemas Beef

A traditional way of celebrating St. Bartholomew's Mass “Bartlemas” is derived from “Bartholomew’s mass” and has long been associated with St. Bartholomew.  Traditionally, Bartlemas Beef would have served on his Feast Day, 24th August.  He is the Patron Saint of Butchers. Bartlemas Beef 1.5kg brisket of beef ¼ teaspoon each of: ground nutmeg ginger, cinnamon, … Continue reading Bartlemas Beef

To All Flower Arrangers

To All Flower Arrangers Royston Allen, the composer of this poem, once said, The speaker at church this morning was good and one of the quotes she used was, "Keep on spreading the Gospel on each occasion, and if necessary, use words”.I smiled and said, “Lord, how are you speaking to me this morning without … Continue reading To All Flower Arrangers