Summer Update from the Messenger – July/August, 2023

During the long months of summer, the website will continue as normal with daily updates. 

All the favourites will be there including crosswords, wordsearches, Children’s Corner, cartoons, Diary of a Churchyard and Holy Days & Saints.  The gently humorous Letter from Uncle Eustace, a fictional rural Parish Priest, will also be there; the scrapes and conundrums which he and his parishioners find themselves dealing with are ones we can all relate to in our rural churches!

There will be more about our Christian heritage, some of which is found in the most unlikely of places!  There will also be an article on one of the markers of late summer; the Dahlia Bishops.  Why not join us as we meet up with them?

Meanwhile, Christopher Jobson will be continuing to unearth our hidden history, some of which has gone under the radar for some time.

Have you have ever wondered about the height of a church tower or spire?  Looking at old plans isn’t always the solution as many, if they existed at all, have been long lost.  It can, however, be easily done using simple engineering principles and we will be posting a guide on how to do it.

Engineering quietly underpins everything around us, but did you know of its link with St. Patrick?  We explore how this gentle and humble man, the Patron Saint of Engineering, has had such an impact on both our faith and everyday lives. 

There’s much more besides, but for now, thank you for joining us and for your contributions; it’s a great way to share news and notices of forthcoming events amongst us all!

Enjoy your summer!

Meres & Meadows Messenger

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