Sunday Worship – 25th June, 2023

Ss. Simon & Jude Church, Cockshutt

Not Peace, But a Sword  (Matthew 10: 34-36)

It was a very hot morning on arrival at Church; the sky may have been bright blue, but the clouds were lumpen and grey, an early warning that the weather would break (which it did, later in the day!)

The church itself, with its high ceilings, was cool, and we were greeted by fragrant arrangements of early summer flowers in shades of pale white and cool blue, which had been placed behind the altar and on the war memorials.  Combined with the liturgical colour of Green as the altar frontal, it was reminiscent of a harmonious herbaceous border in a garden.

While waiting for congregants to arrive, we quietly listened to Doug, our organist, as his fingers moved effortlessly across the keys, playing soothing music.  It was all very peaceful.

Today’s worship was led by retired Priest Father Paul.  His sermon was based on today’s Gospel reading, Matthew 10: 24-39, where he discussed the challenges Jesus laid down for us when He said, “Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth.  I have not come to bring peace, but a sword”.  (Matthew 10: 24-36).  He gave us much to think about.

During the early part of the service, we sang the deeply moving, “Lord for the years your love has kept and guided”a, and the reflective, “Be still my soul: the Lord is at your side”,b

Effortlessly, the service moved along, until we celebrated Holy Communion, after which we sang the uplifting “Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the King of Creation”c, and received the final blessing.

It was a lovely Service; it may have been filled with challenges for us each of us, but it was also deeply reflective.  Afterwards, we enjoyed a cordial time of fellowship and catching-up with old friends and new over a refreshing cup of tea!


Hymns were 310, 465, 54 and 427 from Hymns Old & New, New Anglican Edition, Kevin Mayhew Ltd. 1996)

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