Not the Vicar’s Letter – April 2023

During Lent we have joined together with the Methodist Chapel to work through a Lent course. We have used one suggested by the diocese which I could photocopy for the participants – (paid for one and permission to copy). It was called “A Search for Peace” – five bible studies by John Birch.  I thought you might like to have a taster of the sessions to think about for yourselves.

The five sessions were:

  1. The Human search for Peace – our starter for 10 was “How would you define “peace” based on your own experience?” and we read Matt 19.16-22 and Luke 12.16-21
  2. The Human destruction of Peace with a starter “What do you come across in daily life that’s most likely to disturb your inner peace?” and we read Isaiah 57.18-21 and Luke 19.41-44 – or at least we would have done but the snow intervened and we didn’t meet.
  3. God Peace and the Old Testament starter “When life is getting you down, where do you find your peace?” and we read Daniel 10.14-19, Proverbs 3.13-18 and Malachi 2.1-9
  4. God Peace and the New Testament starter “Are there particular passages of Scripture that bring you a genuine sense of peace?” Romans 5.1-4, Matt 7.7-11 1 Tim 6.17
  5. Peace in the Lives of the Believers starter “What can a local neighbourhood do to help bring peace into the lives of those around them?” Matt 11.27-30, 2 Cor 12.7b-10 1 Thess 4.13-18

There were a lot of bible references and reflections for each session, the above is just a tiny taste. If you would like to see the whole course I will happily let you have a copy. It is appropriate for private study as well.

Did we come to any conclusions about Peace. Well the answer is Yes and No because each of us thought about peace in a different way – Peace as the absence of war/danger/strife – Peace as in a garden or woodland – Peace in church – Peace in reading the bible.

As I write this letter we have only done two of the sessions so there is still much for us to discuss and learn from. I am looking forward to hearing what comes up when we think about what the neighbourhood can do to bring peace to those around us. Perhaps you might think on that and feed your thoughts back to me or anyone who was at the Lent course.

Love and blessings

Revd Anne

The feature image for this post is of Revd Anne on Palm Sunday at St Michael & All Angels, Welshampton.

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