Outside an Empty Tomb

 ‘One of the most beautiful stories in the Bible is found in John 20; 14-16.  A distraught Mary Magdalene is standing outside a tomb, and she is convinced that some ne’er do wells have stolen the body of her beloved Master, Jesus, for reasons which she can’t begin to fathom. There’s a gardener nearby, and he has the audacity to ask her why she’s so upset…’

Nigel Beeton

Outside an Empty Tomb

“Oh woman, why this weeping?
Oh woman, dry your tears!
Oh woman, cease your weeping
And lay aside your fears!”

“They’ve borne away my Master!
And laid Him who knows where;
His tomb is standing empty,
And He’s no longer there.”

“Oh Sir, please will you tell me
Where you have laid Him now?
For you can surely tell me
What they have done, and how;

Yes how may I now find Him
And for His body care?
For I will truly care for Him
If you’ll but show me where?”

He said to her, “My Mary!”
She turned and met His eye
She cried with joy, “My Master!”
For she at last knew why

The tomb behind was empty
And why no body lay –
Her Master Christ is Risen
Upon this Easter Day!

(These verses are set to the tune ‘Down by the Salley Gardens’)

The feature image for this post is: The Garden Tomb, Jerusalem (WikiCommons, PD).

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