Take Away the Stone

(John 11:39)

Sunday Service at Ss Simon & Jude Church, Cockshutt – 26th March, 2023

Thank goodness … despite the clocks springing forward by one hour with the onset of BST (British Summer Time) in the early hours of this morning, we all made it to Church on time! 

Although officially Spring, the morning dawned grey, cold, and drizzly.  In anticipation of a chilly Church, we all had as many layers as on as in mid-winter; with the escalating cost of electricity, the heating has now been turned-off!

Nevertheless, our spirits were cheered by Retired Priest, Rev. Ian, who led our worship this morning, the fifth Sunday of Lent.  His sermon was based on the long Gospel reading of John 11: 1-45 which tells of how Jesus, days before his own death, raised his dead friend Lazarus from the tomb.  In his summing-up, Rev Ian implored us to consider how the stone, which Jesus commanded to be rolled-away, reflects those things which we hold onto, but which prevent us from carrying-out God’s purpose and mission.

Today’s hymns included the poignant “Breathe on me breath of God, fill me with life anew”, by Reginald Heber (1783-1826).  Accompanied by the Benefice Choir, our singing seemed to carry high into the lofty Church rafters.

After celebrating Holy Communion (Eucharist) and final prayers, our organist Doug gave a very short organ recital, which was enthusiastically received and applauded, before we enjoyed refreshments and fellowship.


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