Ellesmere Guides Centenary

Monday 1st May, 2023
2:30 – 4:30
Ellesmere Town Hall

Please could you advertise the forthcoming centenary of Ellesmere Guides: Ellesmere Guides 1923 – 2023 I have been thinking for a while about Ellesmere Guides centenary, which I had reason to believe would be in 2026, although, from an old log book, I know that the Golden Jubilee, 50 years, was celebrated in 1971. Recently though I learnt that the first meeting of the Ellesmere Guide Company was on 1 May 2023.

When I began Guiding in Ellesmere, 40 years ago, we had Guide units in Ellesmere, Criftins and Cockshutt. For 10 years more recently we had a unit at Welsh Frankton. Once upon a time there was a unit in Welshampton. It would be wonderful to meet up with some of those past Guides and also anyone who is interested to find out more about what we do now. So, to begin our year of celebration, on Mon 1 May, the actual centenary of that first meeting and a bank holiday, we have an open meeting for current and past members, friends and interested public.
2:30 – 4:30 in Ellesmere Town Hall.

Do come along, bring your memories and any handbooks, log books, badges, uniform etc. to share with our current girls, and to discover what we get up to now.

Please pass this message around our community, and to those who have moved away.
If you would like more information do contact us: ellesmereguides@gmail.com

Fran Butler

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  1. I believe you are collecting spent medicene foil cards. Where can I drop them off?

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