Prisons Week – Remembering Prisoners and their Families

8th – 14th October 2023

Prisoners and their families need help if they are to really repair and rebuild their lives.

And so it is that Prisons Week has been growing steadily, year by year.  It currently has 25 Christian denominations and organisations working together to use “all our skills and gifts to see God’s Kingdom come and His peace be established in a place of suffering and weeping.”

Prisons Week is supported by the Church of England, the Catholic Church, the Free Churches Group, and the Salvation Army.  It is also supported by the prison ministry organisations including Prison Fellowship, Prison Advice and Care Trust, and Caring for Prison Leavers.  Other supporting organisations include Bible Society, the Mothers Union, and Youth for Christ.

Each October, the week-long campaign aims to provide Christians across the country with information, expertise, resources, and encouragement for this particular, and challenging, area of ministry.

For anyone, or any group, who would like to support Prisons ministry, there are several campaign resources available at their website.

Above all, Prisons Week urges individual Christians to pray for prisoners and their families, that their lives might be rebuilt and renewed.

Prisons Week describes its aim as “relieving the human suffering caused by crime and imprisonment.”  For more info, please visit:


Feature Image: John Ingleby, 1796, View of Shrewsbury Prison, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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