Petton Church – Sunday 20th August 2023

11th After Trinity

Benefice Sunday Worship and Holy Eucharist

Retired Priest, Father Paul, led us through a beautiful service this morning.  Attended predominantly by worshippers from Cockshutt Church, with Cockshutt Church Warden Cathy stepping-in and acting in loco parentis of the Petton Wardens, the full service went ahead.

Despite the roaring of the wind around the little church, it was a service of complete peace and stillness, a sure sign of God’s presence with us.

Following the reading of the Epistle, Father Paul based his sermon on today’s Gospel reading, Matthew 15: 10-28, reminding us, that even in our quietest moments and deepest thoughts, Jesus is still hearing our every word.  He also spoke firmly but sensitively about the difference between virtue signalling and true penitence, whoever we are.

As we moved onto the Prayers of Intercession, Father Paul sensitively addressed the recent events which have encompassed us here in Britain, following the guilty verdicts at the conclusion of a lengthy and horrendous court case.

As we moved onto the celebration of the Holy Eucharist, you could have heard a pin drop in the reflective silence.  After the final Blessing, we gathered for a quiet time of fellowship, before departing for home.


The Collect and Bible Readings for today are already published here.

Today’s Hymns, all taken from Hymns Old & New, New Anglican Edition, Kevin Mayhew Ltd, 1996
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226: I cannot tell how he whom angels worship

175: God of Mercy, God of Grace (Based on Psalm 67)

281: Jesus took a piece of bread (Sung to All Things Bright and Beautiful, sadly we were unable to match the lyrics with the tune)

532: We have a gospel to proclaim

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