Service for the Dormition of the Mother of God – 15th August 2023

Christopher Jobson has kindly written a follow-up of the service he attended at the Shrewsbury Orthodox Church.

I went to the Liturgy for the Dormition this morning.  It began with Matins at 9am and included the beautiful hymn I attached to the post.  Then the Liturgy proper, two priests, six altar servers, two acolytes, a thruifer and the church packed to the point that there were some outside.  Thankfully they kept the door open.  Posies of flowers were blessed and distributed, and held by everyone there throughout the service.  At the blessing the five loaves were blessed, broken and distributed, as in the biblical feeding of the people.  I thought you would just like to know what happened. 

Christopher Jobson

Not everyone in the Anglican Church is familiar with some of the roles mentioned above. Here is a small glossary!

Altar Server : assist the higher clergy during services

Acolyte : Unordained altar boy

Thruifer : The server or acolyte who carries and swings the thurible in which incense is burned during the Eucharist and other liturgies

Feature Image : Golija at sr.wikipedia, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

DORMITION OF THE HOLY MOTHER OF GOD Fresco on the west wall of the nave of Holy Trinity church of Sopoćani monastery, 1271-1274.

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