Update from the Messenger – August 2023

As we relax into this month’s slower pace of life, our daily updates on Christian life continue.

It’s a time to marvel at God’s creation all around us as our local astronomer will be revealing what fascinating things to look for in this month’s night skies; here on terra firma we will be finding out about the amazing variety of spider webs both indoors and out. 

With our gardens in full bloom, we’ll be meeting with the Dahlia Bishops, but if you like more wild areas, why not take a stroll around a churchyard; our Churchyard Diary hints at what you might find!  Whilst there, why not use our simple guide to calculate the height of a church tower or spire?

Christopher Jobson will be exploring some of the reflections and celebrations which pack this otherwise somnolent month, including the important Feast Day of the Transfiguration of Our Lord.

St. Bartholomew (Patron Saint of Honeybees and Tanners) is celebrated later in the month; the dish traditionally served on his Feast Day is mouthwatering!

All the regular features will be uploaded including Family Fun and the Children’s Corner, Uncle Eustace, the fictional parish priest and more about our Christian heritage from further afield … and much more!

Finally, the all-important dates, times and venues for Sunday Worship and the accompanying Bible readings will be on hand.

In the meantime, we wish you a peaceful and restful month,

With warm wishes,

Meres & Meadows Messenger

The feature image for this post is “Ellough Church at Night –geograph.org.uk-_2224916″, Wikicommons (P.D.)

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