Storms of Life

The boat was tossed from side to side
Buffeted by the wind and rain,
Alarm and panic filled their hearts
Would they ever reach the shore again?

The sky was dark and looking out
They thought they saw a ghost appear,
Transfixed with horror, what could it be
Treading on water and drawing near?

Their hearts were stilled as hope arose
As they heard the voice of the One they knew,
‘Do not be afraid, this storm will pass’
And the sea grew calm and the wind withdrew.

When storms of life assail our boat
And our hearts are filled with dread and fear,
Remember the One who treads the waves,
He sees our plight – He’s drawing near.

By Megan Carter

The feature image for this post is “Simon de Vlieger – Calming_the_storm”, Wikicommons (P.D.)

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