Grave Issues – July 2023

Sacred and holy, our churchyards are places of memories and peace.  It’s always worth taking the time to meander quietly through them as there’s always something which catches your eye!

If you visit Cockshutt churchyard and take a walk along the north-west boundary with its sandstone wall, you will find an old family monumental headstone, with just the subtlest hint of its original finery.  Weathered and worn, all that remains is a three-tiered structure, standing on a marble plinth, with ornately carved rope-edging and what appears to be the carving of column down its middle; sadly, it is now separated from the cross which once crowned it; adorned by a a carving of delicate twining leaves and flowers, it lies nearby, forlorn and alone.

Take a step back and it could be said that this it is being protected, even guarded, from prying eyes as the proud and strong Irish Yew grows around it.

The final resting place of the Harrison family over many years, the inscriptions read as follows:

MARY EMMA, daughter of THOMAS & EMMA HARRISON died 6th August 1869 aged 12.

THOMAS HARRISON died 13th June 1869 aged 69.

EMMA widow of THOMAS HARRISON of Kenwick Park died 7th January 1902 aged 77.

(the fourth side is illegible)

As we quietly reflect on the love and heartbreak in the Harrison family, we simply pray,

Rest in Peace.


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