Messy Church 2nd July 2023

At our Messy Church we became ‘good Pirates’ seeking a special treasure.

We made our pirate hats and instead of skull and crossbones we decorated them with the Chi Rho symbol.

The Chi-Rho is an early Christian symbol. It takes the first two letters of the word Christ in Greek, namely Chi and Rho, and combines them to create a symbol called Chi-Rho. 

Chi is written as an X and Rho is written as a P in the Greek alphabet and the word for Christ is written as ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ, which is pronounced Christos. The symbol represents the belief that Jesus is the Christ, the anointed one.

Alpha, А and Omega, Ω are the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet.

The Alpha and Omega represent Jesus, as he is at the beginning of all things and will return at the end.

We wrote a message using a pirate code, found our pirate names, filled our treasure chests and, of course, all pirates should have a parrot.

We used our pirate code to find our treasure box which contained things we enjoy but don’t last, break or we grow out of but we also found a treasure that will last us all our lives.

Why not pop into church in Cockshutt and find out more?

Our next Messy Church will be on Sunday 17th September

Cathy Thorold

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