Church Flowers, June 2023

Ss Simon & Jude Church, Cockshutt & Ss Raphael & Isidore, Petton

 “Consider how the wildflowers grow. They do not labour or spin. Yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his splendour was dressed like one of these”.  (Luke 12:27-28)

With blazing June upon us, the flowers are in full frenzy and look stunning wherever you look; not only do they look beautiful, but the churches are often heavy with the beautiful, sweet scent of summer flowers.

Sunday 11th June, Ss Simon & Jude, Cockshutt:

In the liturgical calendar, we are now into the Ordinary Season (Quiet Time), during which time the altar frontal is Green.  However, there are notable exceptions, such as Sunday 11th June, the Feast Day of St. Barnabas; in commemoration of his martyrdom, the altar frontal is changed to Red.  Today’s flowers were a beautiful selection of those with a golden hue, with a subtle nod to the red of the liturgical vestments and altar frontals.

The flowers for 11th June 2023 were provided by:  Dorothy, in memory of Gerald and Martin, and by Cathy.

Sunday 18th June, Ss Raphael & Isidore, Petton:

It was a beautiful morning and as we walked into church, we were overcome by the exquisite fragrance given out by the beautiful pale pink garden stocks; absolutely stunning in the beautiful setting of the church on the hill!

Sunday 25th June, 2023, Ss Simon & Jude, Cockshutt:

Today, church was filled with the glorious pale shades of early summer; white, pale lemon, subtle blue and masses of fresh garden foliage.  One of the markers of June is the wonderful array of roses; the altar arrangements were filled with wonderful fresh, white roses which seemed to glow against the clear blue backdrop of the clear blue Irises.

In keeping with our local tradition, a simple posy of flowers was placed on both the WW1 & WW2 memorials. On Saturday 24th June, Armed Forces Day (link) they also represented our gratitude for all those who form part of the Armed Forces Community, and to show our continued support for them.

The altar flowers for Sunday 25th June were the gift of Dorothy and Cathy.

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