Sunday Worship at Petton – 18th June, 2023

It was a beautiful morning and a delight to be up on Petton Hill looking out at the beautiful view.

Retired Priest Rev. Anne greeted us outside the porch where we sat and chatted for a while, waiting for the others to arrive.  In the end, there were only a handful of us, and so we decided that we would forego the hymn singing!

On entering the church, we were greeted with the divine fragrance emanating from the altar flowers; fresh pale pink Stocks, one of the glories of our summer gardens!

In her sermon, Rev. Anne focused our attention on the disparities between the disciples and how even Jesus despaired of them on occasions.  Nevertheless, through prayer and the presence of the Holy Spirit they were able to put their differences aside (otherwise, how would the impetuous Peter and the questioning Thomas ever agree about anything?) and did all that was asked of them (Matthew 9: 38)

In summing up, Rev. Anne reminded us that across the Benefice, we are no different; as with the disciples, we too should work together and “pray earnestly to the Lord” (Matthew 9:38) as we continue along the path of appointing a new Priest-in-Charge.

Following communion and prayers, we sat down with Rev. Anne and enjoyed fellowship with her over a very refreshing cup of tea!


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