St. Jude

Here’s a short post from our local historian, Christopher Jobson.

Ss Simon & Jude, Cockshutt

Today is Saint Jude’s day in the Orthodox Church.  As he is one of the modern patron saints of Cockshutt I thought you would be interested to see how he is venerated in the East.

The Apostle Jude was one of the Twelve, and by Luke was called Jude, the brother of James the Brother of our Lord (Luke 6:16; Acts 1:13). But by Matthew (10:3), he is called Lebbaeus, surnamed Thaddeus.  Saint Jude preached in Mesopotamia, Arabia, Idumea, and Syria, and, it is said, completed the path of his divine apostleship by martyrdom in Beirut in the year 80. Written after the destruction of Jerusalem by Titus, his is the last of the Catholic (General) Epistles to the believing Jews in the Diaspora. His name (a variant of Judah) means “Praise.”


We will be revisiting Ss Simon & Jude on their Patronal Feast Day, 28th October.

The feature image for this post is “(Albi) Saint Jude Thaddée 1620 – Georges de La Tour Inv.166”, WikiCommons (P.D.)

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