Know Your Audience!

Sunday Worship, Ss Simon & Jude, Cockshutt – 14th May, 2023

It was a glorious morning as we made our way to church, the bright blue skies and leaves fluttering in the gentle breeze inspiring a sense that things aren’t as bad as they seem! 

On this Sunday before Ascension Day (the altar scene had changed to represent Christ about to ascend into Heaven) the upbeat mood in church was reflected in our singing, as we were swept along by Doug’s marvellous organ playing and the well-known hymns which included the wonderful “Praise to the Holiest in the height”.  

Rev. Ian led our worship today; as always, he gave us much to think about, but one theme really struck a chord.  Using the reading from Acts 17: 22-31 as the basis of his sermon, he explained how, amongst other things, Paul listened to and observed those whom he was to address and subsequently adapted his preaching style accordingly.  In other words, he made sure he knew his audience; a lesson we could all do well to learn!

Following prayers and Holy Communion we spent time in fellowship with one another over refreshments.  The question is, were we really listening to one another or saying what we wanted to say … Rev. Ian has made us think!


The feature image for this post is of the Altar in Cockshutt Church. Photograph taken by VJC on Sunday 14th May, 2023.

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