How the Forget-me-Not Got its Name

Christian tradition tells of how God was walking through the Garden of Eden, naming each flower he had created.  As He made moves to leave, this tiny flower bravely cried out, “Forget me not, Lord!”  As God looked back at the little Blue flower, He said, “Forget-me-Not” will be your name, so that you will never be forgotten again”.

This pretty little flower, with petals that seem to resemble the ears of a mouse, thrives on disturbed soil where little else grows; following the Battle of Waterloo, the site of battle was said to be covered in them, and many postcards sent from the front in WW1, to loved ones back home, incorporated the Forget-me-Not.

As we move into Dementia Action Week (15th – 21st May, 2023), you will notice many of these little flowers round and about; long associated with remembrance, they have now become the national symbol for the Alzheimer’s Society (Alzheimer’s is one of the main causes of Dementia).

Packets of Forget-me-Not seeds can be found inside the Churches; please take one and sprinkle them around in memory of a loved one!

The Forget Me Not

When to the flowers so beautiful
The Father gave a name,
Back came a little blue-eyed one
(All timidly it came);
And standing at its Father’s feet,
And gazing in His face,
It said in low and trembling tones,
” Dear God, the name Thou gavest me,
Alas! I have forgot. “
Then kindly looked the Father down,
And said, ” Forget Me Not. “


The feature image for this post is “Forget me not” from WikiCommon (P.D.)

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