Not the Vicar’s Letter – May 2023

Rev Anne

This morning I was up very early – couldn’t sleep any longer – so I took a cup of tea and sat outside for a while. The dawn chorus was in full swing, I don’t know birds by their calls but they sounded so vibrant so alive it was a joy to listen to them. I was surrounded by tulips standing proud and beautiful amongst forget-me-nots and polyanthus, even a few primroses and cowslips. I love spring after the drabness of winter life gets going so abundantly, so beautifully.

I sit there thinking WOW has God designed all this just for my delight. Of course He hasn’t just designed it for me. The flowers have a life and purpose of their own, to grow and flower and seed or make new bulbs. The birds are not singing for my pleasure they too have a life of their own to mate and build nests and lay eggs to produce more birds. I can share the moment with them and thank God for them and I have a life of my own. A life dedicated to God and my family and the communities that I live in.

I think how blessed I am that I live in such a lovely part of the world where I am free to enjoy the dawn chorus and the flowers and clean fresh air. Free to worship God as I wish to and visit my family and have Richard to share my life with. The police here are for my protection not to fill me with fear every time I see them, dread them knocking on my door. I have doctors and nurses to care for me if I am ill in spite of the strikes that are happening even as I write.

At the beginning of May King Charles will be crowned at an historic ceremony in Westminster Abbey, the latest of a long line of Kings and Queens that have been a guiding hand in this country especially in recent years. In the long past they might have been less than kind to their people and there has been a couple of civil wars but the monarchy has survived and prospered. I know that King Charles will be a good king, caring for his people and his environment and the whole world as far as he has influence.

Paul in his letter to Timothy says

“First of all, then, I urge that supplications and prayers, intercessions and thanksgivings be made for all men, for kings and all who are in high positions, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life, godly and respectful in every way.”

As is often said “Who are we to argue with St Paul”

Then I think of all those people who cannot sit out in the morning to hear the bird songs or enjoy the flowers, where those in “high positions” do not care for their people. I think of course of Ukraine and continue to pray for peace in that war torn country. I think of those who live in refugee camps relying on aid agencies to bring them food and water and medical care. I think of the Holy Land torn apart, conflict and hatred where our Lord Jesus once walked in a land torn apart by invaders.

And I ask God “How long, How long until your peace is over all the world?” and the answer comes back “As long as people reject me and crucify me” and tears fill my eyes.

My friends please pray for our King, for all in authority throughout the world and pray earnestly for God’s peace for everyone and all people.

Love and blessing to you all

Rev Anne

The feature image for this post is “Coronation of Henry the Young King – Becket Leaves(c.1220-1240)” WikiCommon (PD).

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