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When Children and RE mix…

When children meet the Bible, the result can be unpredictable. As in these answers to a school chaplain’s efforts to teach RE….

~ The main purpose of the prophets was to set up the lights for when Jesus came on the stage.

~ The Kingdom of God is no ordinary place like the bathroom at home.

~ Jesus said: If you want to divorce your wife leave a note for her on the table.

~ Jesus healed a man with a weathered hand.

~ Some of the seed from the sower was curried off by Satan.

~ The last verses of Mark’s gospel were written later by a unanimous person.

~ Jesus first proclaimed the gospel to the Jews: He told them to make love to each other.

~ An altar is a stall for candles.

~ An example of Holy Orders are the Ten Commandments.

~ An epistle is the wife of an apostle.

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