Report for Duty – Our Christian pilgrimage

When praying, don’t give God instructions – just report for duty.  Anon

The proof of spiritual maturity is not how ‘pure’ you are, but your awareness of your impurity.  That very awareness opens the door to God’s grace. Philip Yancy

It is the person who most knows himself liable to fall that will be most ready to overlook any offences from his fellow men.   Alexander Auld

Those who say they will forgive but can’t forget, simply bury the hatchet but leave the handle out for immediate use.   D L Moody

Swallowing of pride seldom leads to indigestion. Anon

When we take least notice of our good deeds ourselves, God takes most notice of them.  Matthew Henry

Rush is destructive of rest, and pace of peace. Thomas Adams

The hurrier I go, the behinder I get! Anon

The world needs more warm hearts and fewer hot heads. Anon

What the nations of the world need is a peace conference with the Prince of Peace.  Anon

Jesus heals sin with a medicine: his own blood shed for us.  Richard Wurmbrnad

Keep the faith – but not from others!  Anon

Some people’s religion reminds me of a rocking-horse, which has motion without progress.   Rowland Hill

Give God what’s right – not what’s left.  Anon

Man’s way leads to a hopeless end – God’s way leads to an endless hope. Anon

A lot of kneeling will keep you in good standing. Anon

In the sentence of life, the devil may be a comma – but never let him be the full stop. Anon


The feature image for this post is “St. Helier Pilgrimage 2007” (WikiCommons, PD).

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