The season of Lent begins this month.  In times gone by it was observed very strictly, on pain of excommunication.  Maybe these days we don’t pay it such attention, but taking a bit of extra time with God during Lent is time that He will richly repay.

The monk, within his monastery,
The ploughman and the lord;
Would keep the Lent time patiently
And keep a simple board.

Rich food nor meat could touch their lip
Just plain and simple fare;
Dried bread in sauce they could not dip –
Or face the Parson’s glare!

Today, such things don’t tend to be
We’ve left them in the past!
Just those within that monastery
Who keep the Lenten fast.

But all should come to love anew
The treasured time of Lent
And spend more time with Father, who
Rewards such time well spent!

By Nigel Beeton

Christ in the Wilderness
Ivan Kramskoy
Google Cultural Institute

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