The Snowdrop – A Symbol of Hope

Christian tradition tells us that following their expulsion from the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve found themselves wandering aimlessly around their new world, mourning the barrenness of the earth and its covering with snow.  Everything seemed so hopeless; overcome with a sense of loss and dejection, Eve cried in despair. 

On seeing her sorrow an Angel, filled with compassion, gently breathed on a snowflake, turning it into a pearly white Snowdrop, saying, “This is a symbol of hope, for all mankind.”

The Snowdrop

A fresh new snowdrop greeted me
Amongst the leaves beneath the tree
That delicate and tiny flower
Braves frost and rain and snowy shower
To tell us Spring is nigh
My garden soon will bloom again
In summer sunshine, gentle rain
With pansies, roses, hollyhocks
But none can bring such joy to me
As that tiny snowdrop ‘neath the tree.

Nessie Gill
Snowdrops in Petton Churchyard (2018)

One thought on “The Snowdrop – A Symbol of Hope

  1. Leaving New Zealand today. Very much looking forward to seeing some snowdrops at home in Cockshutt

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