Flowers in Church

In Ss. Simon & Jude, Cockshutt, the altar flowers (also known as Chancel flowers) are placed behind the altar table, on the marble reredos (in some churches they are placed adjacent to the altar).

Altar flowers play an important part in our act of worship as they are an offering of thanksgiving to God.  The colours and species of flowers are often chosen to reflect the liturgical season:  orange and yellow for harvest, red for Christmas, white Easter lilies for Easter (symbolizing the resurrection of Christ). 

Anyone can share in this special act of thanksgiving whether in donations of time, flowers, foliage, or financial gifts.  All are very welcome! 

Altar flowers are often provided by families who dedicate them to the memory of a deceased loved one; sometimes they are dedicated to family memories; sometimes they celebrate special events such as anniversaries. 

If you would like to offer thanksgiving through the flowers, please contact us.

January flowers were given by Valerie, Andrew, Thomas, and James, on behalf of the whole family, in remembrance of Alexander (Alex) Pitt, who passed away on 17th January, 2018. 

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