Message from the Treasurer

A Message from the Treasurer of Cockshutt Church

It’s never a good moment to talk about money, particularly during this time of astronomical energy bills and general increases in our cost of living expenses, but our churches are all struggling, since before the pandemic, during the pandemic and what followed, with all its financial commitments.

This would be a good time to thank those of you who have very generously given donations on a regular basis throughout these difficult times and are the reason that the church is still financially viable.

Our church in Cockshutt is in desperate need of decoration, particularly since we repaired the crumbling plaster earlier this year with specialised lime plaster to avoid future damp problems. Also we urgently need to upgrade the sound system to include a loop system for the hard of hearing. Money for these projects was coming from the 200 club proceeds over the last 3 years but sadly that is evaporating away.

Besides these “one off” outgoings there are the monthly payments to the Diocese in excess of £500 per month and monthly insurance and cleaning bills to mention but a few!

To keep the church a worthy place for worship and social gathering, it needs funding.

There are a number of ways your generous donations can help.

Initially, joining in the Sunday services would be a wonderful bonus and donations can be given on the offertory plate or using a bank card.

Also monthly donations with direct debits can be made through the Diocese in Lichfield on our behalf, with gift aid being added to your donation, an added 25%. There is a leaflet from Lichfield Diocese explaining how it works and how to contribute.

 One off donations are always welcome, and, it must be mentioned, bequests are a wonderful way to show appreciation for what the church does for us all in our Christian journey through our lives.

Fund raising for the church helps bring the community together. Concerts and such like are always worthwhile and any fundraising ideas are always welcome!

If you wish to make a contribution to the church please come to our church, which is open every day, and see the information that is available, or contact the wardens or PCC members for any help you might need. Thank you.

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