Spiritual Disciplines – Fasting

Canon Paul Hardingham writes on the spiritual disciplines that help us to grow and deepen our faith. Spiritual disciplines are practices designed to help us grow as disciples of Jesus.  This month we are looking at the practice of fasting.  Fasting can be a neglected discipline, but plays an important part in the Christian life, … Continue reading Spiritual Disciplines – Fasting

Forty Days and Forty Nights

At the end of this month, we enter the season of Lent:  those 40 days when we follow Jesus into the wilderness and prepare ourselves to celebrate His Easter victory.  In the last century an artist called Stanley Spencer planned to create a series of 40 paintings, each depicting a day in the wilderness.  In … Continue reading Forty Days and Forty Nights


The season of Lent begins this month.  In times gone by it was observed very strictly, on pain of excommunication.  Maybe these days we don’t pay it such attention, but taking a bit of extra time with God during Lent is time that He will richly repay. The monk, within his monastery,The ploughman and the … Continue reading Lent