Sunday Worship at Petton – 18th June, 2023

It was a beautiful morning and a delight to be up on Petton Hill looking out at the beautiful view. Retired Priest Rev. Anne greeted us outside the porch where we sat and chatted for a while, waiting for the others to arrive.  In the end, there were only a handful of us, and so … Continue reading Sunday Worship at Petton – 18th June, 2023

Prayer for June 2023

Dear Father, As we come to this beautiful time of year, the month of June, we thank you for the wonder of your creation and the way our spirits are lifted as we see all around us the freshness of a new summer. This month we remember Barnabas, whose name means, child of encouragement.  He was … Continue reading Prayer for June 2023

Trinity Sunday – 4th June, 2023

The Divine Mystery of the Holy Trinity - Celebrating our God who is Three Persons Trying to explain the doctrine of the Trinity has kept many a theologian busy down the centuries.  One helpful picture is to imagine the sun shining in the sky.  The sun itself – way out there in space, and unapproachable … Continue reading Trinity Sunday – 4th June, 2023