Ascension Day – 18th May, 2023

In Salvador Dali’s picture of Jesus’ ascension all you can see are his feet!  (  As we celebrate the event this month, it prompts the question, ‘where did Jesus go?’  Peter says Jesus ‘has gone into heaven and is at God’s right hand’ (1 Peter 3:22).  However, the New Testament tells us three things about what Jesus is … Continue reading Ascension Day – 18th May, 2023

Prayers for Lent

A Reflection on The Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:1-18) Our Father in heaven, please help us.We, your children, learn slowly.So often we say nothing when your name is mis-used.Often our lives do not reflect your ways,Mostly we do what we want on earth,And this can make Heaven unimaginable.We expect so much more than we actually need … Continue reading Prayers for Lent