79th Anniversary of the D-Day Landings – 6th June, 2023

Ss. Simon & Jude Church, Cockshutt Waking up early on these gloriously long and hot summer days, there is nothing so wonderful as sitting quietly outside listening to the growing intensity of the dawn chorus.  It is a truly wonderful gift that we can all enjoy.  The day ahead is like an open book; we … Continue reading 79th Anniversary of the D-Day Landings – 6th June, 2023

Welshampton Remembrance Garden

The early Remembrance Garden by the path leading to the lower graveyard has had a recent improvement. The grass surround for the plaques which was always overgrown and untidy has been replaced with gravel which needs very little maintenance and will always look tidy.  It now shows more respect and affection for the lives of … Continue reading Welshampton Remembrance Garden

Flowers in Church

In Ss. Simon & Jude, Cockshutt, the altar flowers (also known as Chancel flowers) are placed behind the altar table, on the marble reredos (in some churches they are placed adjacent to the altar). Altar flowers play an important part in our act of worship as they are an offering of thanksgiving to God.  The … Continue reading Flowers in Church