A Prayer for Advent

God of God …Only the sound of an infantCrying in the night.A familiar, homely, human soundLike the sound of hooves on flagstones,Like the rattle of chains tethering cattle,Like the crunch of straw in the mouths of oxen,Like the rustle of hay tossed in a manger.Light of light …Only the light of a starFalling on an … Continue reading A Prayer for Advent

Prayer – Michael Ramsey

Thoughts on the Meaning of Prayer Michael Ramsey was born in 1904 and was Archbishop of Canterbury from 1961 until 1974; he died in 1988.  He gave great leadership to the Anglican Communion by his theology, social compassion and ecumenical commitment.  He was a spiritual leader and teacher of great simplicity and depth, who had … Continue reading Prayer – Michael Ramsey