The Oxford Martyrs

One of our regular trips around Great Britain is a visit to Oxford, the “city of dreaming spires”, so called because of the splendid architecture all around, including the many churches and university chapels (hence “spires”) thus illustrating its Christian heritage. Take a walk down Broad Street (locally known as “The Broad”) and it is … Continue reading The Oxford Martyrs

Ascension Day – 18th May, 2023

In Salvador Dali’s picture of Jesus’ ascension all you can see are his feet!  (  As we celebrate the event this month, it prompts the question, ‘where did Jesus go?’  Peter says Jesus ‘has gone into heaven and is at God’s right hand’ (1 Peter 3:22).  However, the New Testament tells us three things about what Jesus is … Continue reading Ascension Day – 18th May, 2023

The Feast Day of St. Philip and St. James the Less

1st May Philip, the Apostle with Common Sense Is there someone in church whom you respect for their spirituality and common sense combined?  Someone you feel easy about approaching to ask questions?  That person’s patron saint should be Philip. Philip came from Bethsaida and was a disciple of Jesus from early on.  He knew how … Continue reading The Feast Day of St. Philip and St. James the Less