The Light of the World

June is the month of light – the month of the summer solstice when millions of people in northernmost Europe stay out late to enjoy the sight of the midnight sun.  To have light and glory where there is usually darkness is something we celebrate and welcome. In John 9 Jesus said, “I am the … Continue reading The Light of the World

Candlemas – 2nd February, 2023

The Presentation of Christ in the Temple In bygone centuries, Christians said their last farewells to the Christmas season on Candlemas, 2nd February.  This is exactly 40 days after Christmas Day itself. In New Testament times 40 days old was an important age for a baby boy: it was when they made their first ‘public appearance’. … Continue reading Candlemas – 2nd February, 2023

Christingle 2022: Sharing the Light

The well attended Christingle service on Christmas Eve was sympathetically led by Warden Cathy Thorold and £120.98 was collected for the The Children's Society. Christingle 2022 Christingle 2022 Christingle 2022 Christingle 2022 Christingle 2022