Storms of Life

The boat was tossed from side to sideBuffeted by the wind and rain,Alarm and panic filled their heartsWould they ever reach the shore again?The sky was dark and looking outThey thought they saw a ghost appear,Transfixed with horror, what could it beTreading on water and drawing near?Their hearts were stilled as hope aroseAs they heard … Continue reading Storms of Life

Messy Church – April 2023

Rhythms of Life At our April Messy Church we have been thinking about Rhythms of Life and exploring some of the things we all experience – living, changing, growing, life in seasons, a rhythm of life and death and that this is the story that is central to our faith. God created life and created … Continue reading Messy Church – April 2023

For Your Cogitation and Contemplation – March 2023

Looking Through Lent towards Easter: It is Good Friday only in the sense that we know Easter will follow.  J E Lantz If we would live aright, it must be by the contemplation of Christ’s death.  C H Spurgeon He himself was forsaken that none of his children might ever need to utter his cry … Continue reading For Your Cogitation and Contemplation – March 2023