Surveying The Cross

Isaac Watts (1674-1748) In England in the 1600s, singing in church was confined to simple melodies attached to the words of the psalms.  Each line would be sung in turn by a precentor, and the congregation would follow.  This was a slow, stilted and rather uninspiring process! When Isaac Watts was 15 years old, he … Continue reading Surveying The Cross

Family Fun January 2023

CROSSWORD Have a go at our January 2023 crossword! Crossword 2023 January MOUSE MAKES Follow Mouse Makes and his adventures through the Bible! Colouring-in-sheet-New-Year-mice Mouse-Makes-A journey to Bethlehem SMILE LINES Conscientious A minister walked into his church office and found his eager young assistant minister had emptied a huge box of various teaching resources that … Continue reading Family Fun January 2023