St. Alban

Venerated as the first-recorded British Christian martyr (protomartyr), St. Alban is venerated in the East on 22nd June, and in the West on 17th June because of a misreading of the Roman XXII. Alban lived Verulamium (now St Albans) in Roman Britain when Christians were suffering persecution under Septimius Severus 193-211. Alban met a Christian … Continue reading St. Alban

Prayer for June 2023

Dear Father, As we come to this beautiful time of year, the month of June, we thank you for the wonder of your creation and the way our spirits are lifted as we see all around us the freshness of a new summer. This month we remember Barnabas, whose name means, child of encouragement.  He was … Continue reading Prayer for June 2023

Lindisfarne – “The thin line between Heaven and Earth”

Our recent reflections on the Feast Day of St. Cuthbert brought back some wonderful memories of the many trips we make to Lindisfarne.  For us, it is a place we are drawn to, a place of great joy and peace, somewhere we can quietly reflect on our own relationship with God.   Wandering through the … Continue reading Lindisfarne – “The thin line between Heaven and Earth”