Feast Day of St. Oswald – August 5th

King, Martyr and Patronal Saint of Oswestry Followers of the "Meres & Meadows Messenger" will have enjoyed reading the historical information presented by Christopher Jobson. Here, we would like to introduce another work of his from c.2012. It is a very comprehensive article about Saint Oswald and he has kindly given us permission to use … Continue reading Feast Day of St. Oswald – August 5th

Ellesmere Guides Centenary

Monday 1st May, 20232:30 - 4:30Ellesmere Town Hall Please could you advertise the forthcoming centenary of Ellesmere Guides: Ellesmere Guides 1923 – 2023 I have been thinking for a while about Ellesmere Guides centenary, which I had reason to believe would be in 2026, although, from an old log book, I know that the Golden … Continue reading Ellesmere Guides Centenary

Cockshutt Church Clock

The church clock at Cockshutt is unique and very interesting. It is mentioned in ‘Shropshire Clock and Watchmakers’ by Douglas Elliott.  A brass plate on the movement informs us that the clock was made in 1789 by Bullock and Davies and was the gift of Mr. Roger Jones of London.  Richard Bullock was one of … Continue reading Cockshutt Church Clock