The Rowan Tree and the Cross of Christ

Look around a churchyard and along with the ubiquitous Yew tree, you will often see a Rowan or two.  With its bright red berries increasingly visible in late summer, it’s inevitable that common garden (or churchyard) birds such as blackbirds and thrushes, will enjoy a veritable feast as they strip the trees of these delicious … Continue reading The Rowan Tree and the Cross of Christ

Holy Cross Day – 14th September 2023

On Holy Cross Day the Church celebrates the Cross as a symbol of triumph, as the sign of Christ’s victory over death. Holy Cross Day goes right back to 14th September 335, and we have the mother of a Roman Emperor to thank for it. St. Helena, with the cross - Cockshutt Church Helena was … Continue reading Holy Cross Day – 14th September 2023

St. Helena – 1st August

Former Patron Saint of Cockshutt Chapelry Helena was born at Depranum (modern Trapani) in Bithynia, which Constantine renamed Helenopolis in honour of his mother. The exact date of her birth or details of her family are unknown. It is therefore possible to conclude that they were not members of the aristocracy. She met the future … Continue reading St. Helena – 1st August