“Oh, thou who dost these pointers see”

A huge thank you to our very own Benefice historian, Chris, and his very interesting piece on the history of the Cockshutt Clock; like a lot of us, it might be old, but it’s still going and is, nevertheless, loved and treasured by the villagers of Cockshutt.  It’s an interesting fact that despite the endless … Continue reading “Oh, thou who dost these pointers see”

Cockshutt Church Clock

The church clock at Cockshutt is unique and very interesting. It is mentioned in ‘Shropshire Clock and Watchmakers’ by Douglas Elliott.  A brass plate on the movement informs us that the clock was made in 1789 by Bullock and Davies and was the gift of Mr. Roger Jones of London.  Richard Bullock was one of … Continue reading Cockshutt Church Clock