Messy Church – May 2023

We have moved our next Messy Church to Sunday 2nd July at 3pm as the original date clashes with Father’s Day – watch out for the posters! We were a small group at our Messy Church on Sunday 21st May but we all enjoyed the chance to chat and make activities based around the events … Continue reading Messy Church – May 2023

Pentecost (Whitsunday) – 28th May 2023

Pentecost* took place on the well-established Jewish festival of First Fruits, which was observed at the beginning of the wheat harvest.  It was seven weeks after Easter, or fifty days including Easter. A feast day to celebrate the country’s wheat harvest does not sound exactly world-changing, but that year, it became one of the most … Continue reading Pentecost (Whitsunday) – 28th May 2023

Reflecting our Faith – The Lectern

Have you ever considered the furniture that we have in our churches? Close your eyes and think what your own sitting room looks like and the furniture you have chosen to go in there.  Most of us will have chairs, a sofa, one or more tables of different sizes, a fireplace and a television.  Which … Continue reading Reflecting our Faith – The Lectern