On Remembrance

The idea that good may come out of evil, and that self-sacrifice can bring liberation, are two basic paradoxes that lie at the heart of many religions. And one of the stranger things about the month of November is the way in which we are all gathered up into acts of re­­membrance – All Souls, … Continue reading On Remembrance

The Juiciest and the Best

My father spent much of his life as a farmer and farrier, but in his later working life he worked in a green fruit warehouse for what we now know as the Coop. One of my childhood memories in the 1950s and early 1960s was dad arriving home from work each Saturday lunchtime with two … Continue reading The Juiciest and the Best

How High is Your Church Tower?

And how we calculated the height of Cockshutt Church tower! The tower is one of the salient external features of many churches.  The tall structure greatly assists with pinpointing the precise location of a church and the tower bells allow the church to call parishioners to worship.  The church tower has served many additional purposes … Continue reading How High is Your Church Tower?