Easter Flowers – A Reflection of Faith

Many types of flowers are used in churches, but during Easter, there is one that is especially loved:  the Easter Lily.  It is a tall, stately flower topped by large, graceful, white trumpet-shaped blooms.  While commercial bulb production of Easter Lilies only began in the 19th century, Easter Lilies make many appearances in both the … Continue reading Easter Flowers – A Reflection of Faith

Outside an Empty Tomb

 ‘One of the most beautiful stories in the Bible is found in John 20; 14-16.  A distraught Mary Magdalene is standing outside a tomb, and she is convinced that some ne’er do wells have stolen the body of her beloved Master, Jesus, for reasons which she can’t begin to fathom. There’s a gardener nearby, and … Continue reading Outside an Empty Tomb

Good Friday

Friday 7th April 2023 Luke’s account of the crucifixion (Luke 23:32-43) emphasises the mocking of the crowd.  “If you are the king of the Jews, save yourself’ (35,37,39).  In their view a Messiah does not hang on a cross and suffer.  In considering the two men who were crucified with Jesus, we are also confronted with … Continue reading Good Friday