Music by the Mere – 11th June, 2023

After the restrictions of the pandemic an old favourite was successfully revived at Colemere on June 11th.  A large audience gathered to be entertained by the newly formed Concord Choir under their musical director, Sarah Garret.  The programme in two parts contained a blend of sacred and secular music.  The first half began with Brightly … Continue reading Music by the Mere – 11th June, 2023

St. James the Least of All – April 2023

Beware The Meeting of the Choirs! The Rev Dr Gary Bowness continues his tongue-in-cheek letters from ‘Uncle Eustace’: The RectorySt James the LeastApril 2023 My Dear Nephew Darren, You agonised recently over your Ecumenical Service*, namely, who should be invited?  Who should preach?  What about the order of service?  If you had attended our recent combined … Continue reading St. James the Least of All – April 2023

Take Away the Stone

(John 11:39) Sunday Service at Ss Simon & Jude Church, Cockshutt - 26th March, 2023 Thank goodness … despite the clocks springing forward by one hour with the onset of BST (British Summer Time) in the early hours of this morning, we all made it to Church on time!  Although officially Spring, the morning dawned … Continue reading Take Away the Stone