Bartlemas Beef

A traditional way of celebrating St. Bartholomew's Mass “Bartlemas” is derived from “Bartholomew’s mass” and has long been associated with St. Bartholomew.  Traditionally, Bartlemas Beef would have served on his Feast Day, 24th August.  He is the Patron Saint of Butchers. Bartlemas Beef 1.5kg brisket of beef ¼ teaspoon each of: ground nutmeg ginger, cinnamon, … Continue reading Bartlemas Beef

Feast Day of St. Bartholomew – 24th August

My help comes from the Lord,The Maker of Heaven and Earth (from Psalm 121, traditionally said on Saint Bartholomew’s Day) Bartholomew or Bar-Tolmai, son of Tolmai is often identified as Nathaniel which means “gift of God”.  One of the twelve Apostles, he is believed to have made his way to Armenia where, Christian tradition holds, … Continue reading Feast Day of St. Bartholomew – 24th August