Saint Winefride – 3rd November

Virgin Martyr and Abbess of Gwytherin, Enshrined in Shrewsbury Abbey Born probably between 610 and 620, Winefride was said to be the child of Tyfid and Gwenlo who were of noble birth.  As a child she resolved to dedicate her life to God by living a life of chastity and prayer.  Winefride was martyred as … Continue reading Saint Winefride – 3rd November

Edward the Confessor – 13th October

Founder, Westminster Abbey If you approve of giving money to help cathedrals survive, then Edward the Confessor (1003 – 66) is the saint for you.  This early King of England was the virtual founder of Westminster Abbey; never mind entrance charges; at one point in his life, Edward was giving a full tenth of his income … Continue reading Edward the Confessor – 13th October