The Petton Pulpit

Continuing Christopher Jobson's series "Treasures of the Benefice" we have a fascinating post about the history of the carved wooden pulpit in Ss Raphael & Isidore Church, Petton. The pulpit (Latin pulpitum) is a raised stand or platform for preachers in a Christian church. Traditionally a pulpit is raised well above the surrounding floor for … Continue reading The Petton Pulpit

Welshampton Reredos

The Reredos is a fine piece of Christian art made by Farmer of London who made the Prince Albert Memorial. The two outer panels show the names of Christ in Latin and Greek representing Western and Eastern Christendom.  They are brought together in the central panel which is a beautiful alabaster carving of The Crucifixion … Continue reading Welshampton Reredos

Cockshutt Church Clock

The church clock at Cockshutt is unique and very interesting. It is mentioned in ‘Shropshire Clock and Watchmakers’ by Douglas Elliott.  A brass plate on the movement informs us that the clock was made in 1789 by Bullock and Davies and was the gift of Mr. Roger Jones of London.  Richard Bullock was one of … Continue reading Cockshutt Church Clock