Mothering Sunday 2019

A very busy day on Saturday making posies for our ladies on Mothering Sunday. There were mums and daughters from Messy Church and the Sunday Congregation. Others brought flowers and foliage for us to use.

Years ago when young girls and boys, probably 13 or 14 years old, started to go to work they would go to the ‘Big Houses’ in the area. The girls would help with washing and cleaning and the boys would help in the gardens or on the farm. If it was far away they would live wherever they were placed. It was the custom for these children to be given one day off to spend with their mothers and families. This was always the 4th Sunday in Lent, 3 Sundays before Easter Sunday. They would walk home and on their way pick wild flowers, they would go to their village Church to meet their mothers and give them the flowers to show their love. This is why in our Country and in our Churches we still give posies to the ladies (and men) who come to worship on hat day. Some have confused Mothering Sunday with a festival in America called ‘Mothers Day’. Sometimes you can find cards saying Happy Mothering Sunday whilst any more will say ‘Happy Mother’s Day’.

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