Evensong at University College

I am a fourth year engineering student at University College, Oxford. In recent years I have been exploring my faith and have spent some time discussing this with the college Chaplain. I recently met up with him to ask some questions I had about Christianity and how I could go about developing my own faith. He recommended I attend Choral Evensong on Sundays in the college chapel. This evening I finally made the decision to attend.

Having not been to any sort of church service in Oxford, I was unsure what to expect. Upon entering the chapel, I immediately felt incredibly welcome and at peace. The interior of the chapel looked stunning under candlelight, the college choir sung impeccably, and the service was extremely positive and uplifting.

Perhaps the highlight of the service was the visiting preacher. As a tutor of Biochemistry at one of the Oxford colleges, he explored the link between Science and religion and how pursuing his love for his subject gives him more opportunities to study the world as it is and to see all of God’s wonderful creations.

The awesome experience I had tonight has truly inspired me to pursue my faith!

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  1. It was a delight to present you to +Michael (Lichfield)at your Confirmation James.

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